Saturday, November 8, 2008

Your BCS talking points

With the Harris poll and Coaches poll making up 2/3 of the BCS, the Sooners are likely going to have to overcome a) Texas Tech; b) the Joe Paterno lifetime achievement award; c) Oklahoma State; d) Harris and Coaches poll voters likely to vote Texas over Oklahoma b/c they beat them on the field. Alas, here are your talking points:

  • Oregon State only received 5 votes in the Harris poll even though they beat USC , who is presently ranked 7th.
  • Michigan State is ranked 18th and has lost to California, who is ranked 21st.
  • Florida is ranked ahead of Ole Miss, who beat them. Ole Miss receives no votes in the polls.
  • Penn State has the easiest schedule of the undefeated and one loss teams that are BCS automatic qualifiers.
  • If OU is to defeat Texas Tech and Oklahoma State, the Sooners will have gone 3-1 against Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, TCU and Texas, who are all ranked above Penn State's most formidable foe, Ohio State.
  • Assuming the two wins over OSU and TT, the voter's will like vote the Sooners ahead of Texas Tech, but behind UT, based upon head to head competition. I'm not sure how that makes sense with the 39-33 victory that TT had a week ago over UT.

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