Tuesday, July 31, 2007

LandThief Glossary

Alexander Graham Bell – Kelvin Sampson. Also referred to as AGB, because it's easier to type.
Boone State University – Oklahoma State University. T. Boone Pickens donated $165 million to the athletic program. I’m renaming the school on their behalf. Occasionally referred to as Chokie State.
Bugeaters – Nebraska Cornhuskers nickname in an earlier era.

Coach Hair Gel - Boone State coach Mike Gundy.
Cash Machine University – Texas A&M. Their football helmets list ATM on them. I don’t think we need further explanation. If we do need further explanation, google Jackie Sherrill. My older daughter walked into the room the other day while the Aggie - Jayhawk game was on. Her first question was, "Why do they have ATM on their helmets?"
CU Later – Colorado University. No reason, other than I remember Sooner students chanting this to the CU basketball team in the mid 80s.

Desert Era – periods coached by Schnellenberger and Blake at the University of Oklahoma.
Dust Pirates - Texas Tech University.
HeadVisor – Bob Stoops

Keith Jackson Jr. - Jermaine Greshman. Watch him play and you'll understand.
Moses – Josh Heupel. QB of the Sooners in 1999-2000. Presently QB coach for the Sooners. Moses led the Sooners out of the desert and into the promised land of National Championships.
My Little Pony - Colt McCoy, Texas QB
Phog U - Kansas University.
The Great Pirate – Sand Pirates coach Mike Leach. The Great Pirate was OC at LandThieves U in 1999, and recruited Josh Heupel, aka Moses.
Travis County Jail College - University of Texas
Willie and Friends - Kansas State University. I'm a big fan of Willie the Wildcat.

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