Monday, November 17, 2008

Stay off my lawn

Much ado in the blogger world about Obama's plan for a eight team playoff. Being that I haven't found much to agree with him on, this is most concerning. I might rather have him fixing college football than fixing my income taxes. I'm probably most concerned that I might agree with him on something.

However, as usual, the plan is long on ideas and short on a detailed plan of how it would work. But it would be change! For example, the six BCS conferences doesn't do justice to the Mountain West, which is 6-1 this year against the Pac 10. If you use the BCS standings, you - mercifully - ignore the ACC and the Big East. That's a lot of electoral votes you're turning away from. Do you eliminate the conference championships? Here's the LandThieves plan, even though I still like the EPL format I proposed last year.

  1. You have to eliminate some games to make this work, so eliminate the first game against the Southern Conference/SunBelt/WAC/MAC bottom dweller that you used as an exhibition.
  2. Eliminate the conference championships. this leaves everyone with 11 regular season games. Only four teams would plan more than 12 games.
  3. Eliminate the Coaches poll from the competition. There's an ethical dilemma presented every year. The Harris poll was voters out of touch with what's going on. Tulsa lost to the worst team in the SEC and then by 40 to a conference rival. And they got votes. Nebraska - with 4 losses, but three to teams in the top 12 - gets no votes.
  4. Use the six computer polls presently eligible for the BCS. Allow the computers to consider margin of victory, but cap the MOV at 21 points.
  5. Throw in the Blogpoll as a seventh, just to make it interesting.
  6. Take out the high and low rankings, and you get an average of five rankings. Pick the top eight teams.

Is my plan flawed. Sure. Got a better recommendation? Put it in the comments.

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