Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Beating Texas and OU in the same year

From the LandThieves Research Department

One of the stats I've heard this week is "Texas Tech has never beaten Texas and OU in the same year." Since historically, one or both teams ahve been "pretty good", I decided to see how often that's happened.

First of all, it's happened twice in the history of the Big 12. That was in 1997, when Texas A&M and Oklahoma State both defeated the Horns and Sooners. Texas prevented that from happening again by firing Mackovic and hiring Mack Brown, and we followed suit in 98 with firing Blake and hiring that inexperienced Stoops fella.

There have been 164 teams that have played both squads in a season. Here is a breakdown of the 14 teams that have vanquished both foes:
  • Colorado (1989, 1990, 1993, 1994)
  • Kansas State (1926)
  • Missouri (1916)
  • Nebraska (1933, 1960)
  • Notre Dame (1952)
  • Oklahoma State (1944, 1997)
  • Texas A&M (1951, 1994, 1997)

Data pulled from James Howell's most excellent college football score site.

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