Sunday, November 9, 2008

A potential chaotic scenario

Do you all remember last year's chaos, where Ohio State and LSU both lost their last home games, but went on to the BCS Championship game courtesy of several other folks losing? Well, here's a doozy for you...

Texas Tech loses to Oklahoma on Nov 22
Oklahoma loses to Oklahoma State on Nov 29
Florida loses to Florida State in Tallahassee on Nov 29
Alabama loses to Florida in the SEC Championship game
Texas is upset by Missouri in the Big 12 Championship game
Penn State runs the table
USC and Oregon state win the remainder of their games in the Pac 10.

A verly likely result in this scenario:

Penn State plays USC for the national championship game. Oregon State goes to the Rose Bowl as the Pac 10 champion (presently with no BCS ranking whatsoever), and USC is the Pac 10 runner up. In spite of the season long dominance of the top 10 by SEC and Big 12 teams, no reps from those conferences make the Championship game.

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