Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hypocrisy in the media

Austin American Statesman writer Kirk Bohls makes the brilliant argument that Texas should be ahead of OU because they beat them on the field, and that it shouldn't matter that it was several weeks ago. He's being quite hypocritical. Courtesy of the analysis at www.pollspeak.com one can analyze his votes. With this logic, I point out the following discrepancies.
  • Oregon State defeated USC on Sep 25. Kirk voted the Beavers 17th and the Trojans 5th.
  • Oregon State lost to Stanford to open the season. Stanford received no votes from Mr. Bohls.
  • Ole Miss beat Florida 31-30 in Gainesville on Sep 27th. Florida was voted 4th by Mr. Bohls, and the Rebels did not receive a vote. Kirk even mentions this game in his pitch for Texas over the Sooners. To expand further on Ole Miss, they've lost by 2 at Wake Forest, by 4 at Tuscaloosa, by 6 at home to Vanderbilt and by 7 at home to South Carolina. That's a pretty solid 7-4 team he's ignoring.
  • Georgia Tech was voted 19th, yet none of the three teams that beat the Yellowjackets are rated ahead of them.
  • Boston College is ranked 20th per Kirk, but he gave no votes to North Carolina or Clemson, who both beat the Eagles.
  • Cincinnati, who lost to Connecticut, was voted 15th, while the Huskies did not receive a vote.
  • Penn State lost to Iowa two weeks ago, yet Penn State is voted 9th and Mr. Bohls did not cast a vote for the Hawkeyes.

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