Monday, November 24, 2008

Holy Cow that was impressive

From my personal perspective, that W had to be the most impressive victory for the Sooners since the 2000 domination of the #11 Texas Longhorns, 63-14. A couple of thoughts:

The 3rd down D was the difference defensively. The Red Raiders converted one third down all day.

Leach's tendency to go for it on fourth down also hurt, in my opinion. He could've used the three when down 14-0 and in the Sooner red zone, and the fourth down down attempt at mid-field set the Sooners up for a short field. Not that it would have eliminated the 44 point gap, but it coulda narrowed it.

Iglesias' juke of defenders and score midway through the second quarter was a thing of beauty, as was Manuel Johnson's one handed grab of a Bradford bomb late in the third. DeMarco and Chris both ran well all day, courtesy of a powerful performance by the offensive line.

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