Saturday, November 8, 2008

LSU Alabama Preview

Since Snoop Sogg is now and LSU fan, and the Bama-LSU game is one of the Sooners last few chances to have the Tide derailed, we asked Snoop to give us a game preview.

When Alabama has da ball: Alabama iz led - if I may use dat term - in da passing attack by John Peter Wilson. JPW iz passing stats would make him da 11th bomb qaruterback in da Big 12 in terms o' passing efficiency. John Peter Wilson'sfavorite throwing target iz Julio Jones, uh freshman sensation dat many delusional Sooner fans thought Bob would somehow be able ta pry from da grips o' da Alabama program. The Tide really ain't about passing, though, it'sabout running da ball an' defense. The Bama rushing attack iz 18th in da country an' ledy by by Glen Coffeee, who aveages almost 100 yards per game all by hizzelf. LSU actually has one o' da top (17th) rushing defenses in da country, so dis here will provide an interesting matchup between da squads. Scoring-wise, LSU has given up 50+ in two games dis here year (Florida an' Georgia), an' even allowed Auburn ta score over 20 tweny points. Advantage: Tide

When LSU has da ball: LSU relies heavily on da rushing o' Charles Scott, who iz 17th in da country averageing 111 yards per game. However, da Tide will be usin' da services o' mammoth lineman Terrence Cody ta clog da rushing lanes fo' da Tigers, so peep fo' Scott'saverage ta jet down in dis here game. The rushing attack overall iz 29th in da country. In da passing game, da Tigers iz led by Brenham, Texas native Jarrett Lee, who'sbeen uh bit turnover prone dis here year, throwing 10 picks versus only 12 TDs. Advantage: Tide

Special Teams: da Tiger return game iz led by Trinton Holliday, who's been much mo' effective on punt returns than smoke returns. The Bama smoke return defense iz only 80th (and da punt return defense iz 73rd) in da country, so Holliday may be able ta sneak one loose in kickoff returns as well. The LSU Ko return D iz bomb in da country, allowing an average o' only 16.4 yards per return. Being dat Alabama iz 103rd in KO returns dis here year. When LSU punts, da Bama return game looks ta thrive, bringing uh 31st ranked return unit in against da 109th reated return defense unit fo' LSU. Advantage: LSU

Overall: Alabama has da superior D, an' LSU has been impaired by losses ta da three Gs, graduation, grades an' greed. Oh, make dat 4, ganja. LSU had not taken care o' da football dis here year, an' I peep fo' Bama ta travel back ta Tuscaloosa wiff uh W as dey move on ta da SEC champsionship game all ye damn hood ratz.

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