Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ten Things I think you think I think about the Boone State W

Wow, what a game. Here are some things I wondered then researched after the game.
  1. Landry had not thrown a TD pass in the 4th quarter since the Cincinnati game, a 5 yard strike to Trey Millar.
  2. Landry's 4th qtr stats for 2010, prior to Saturday: 34-58, with 329 yds, 1 TD and 3 INT.
  3. Landry's 4th qtr stats for Bedlam, 7-13, 203 yds, 2 TDs and 0 INTs.
  4. Prior to Saturday, the Sooners had scored 32 points in the 4th qtr through 11 games. Against the Pokes, they scored 23 in the final frame.
  5. The Sooners have allowed 8 teams to score 10 points or more in the 4th quarter. The other four were held scoreless.
  6. Saturday was the first time this year the Sooners scored double digits in the 4th qtr.
  7. Coming into Saturday's game, Cameron Kenney had 14 catches for 184 yards and 1 score this year. Against Okie State, he had 6 catches for 141 yards and 2 TDs. The 2 scores doubled his career total.
  8. Landry's QB rating in the 4th qtr was 235.78. His previous QB rating on the road in the 4th qtr was 92.54.
  9. Landry's 3,957 yards in 2010 is the second highest passing yard total in Sooner history, second only to Sam Bradford's Heisman Trophy campaign in 2008.
  10. Landry's 468 yards against Ok State ties Sam Bradford for the highest passing yard output in a game in Sooner history. Landry has 3 of the top 6 totals.
  11. Landry's has the 4th highest career passing yards total in sooner history, and has not completed his sophomore campaign.
  12. The Sooners ran 107 plays in this game, and controlled time of possession in this game. That's a little misleading, however, as a pick six and KO return for a score certainly gave the Sooners back the ball quickly a couple of times.
  13. The defense held the vaunted Cowboy offense to 379 yards and forced three turnovers. The Poke offense scored 27 points, 18 below their season average.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Landry Jones in the 4th Quarter

Much has been made the past couple of weeks about the Sooners woes in the 4th quarter and on the road.
Let's look at Landry's QB rating by quarter this year, and where it stands nationally.

Landry's QB rating ranking - meaning where does his QB rating rank nationally - by quarter

1st Qtr = 150.31, (35th)
2nd Qtr = 152.74, (35th)
3rd Qtr = 140.03 (47th)
4th Qtr = 101.61 (I'm not certain. The 100th best 4th quarter passer (minimum 14 attempts) in FBS is Ryan Nassib at Syracuse.
Ryan's rating is 116.78. Jordan Winn of Utah is 99th at 117.79.)

Let's just say Landry is way down there.

I was also curious to see if Landry's drop in production was extraordinary. Of the top 94 rated passers in FBS, Landry's ratings drop from his rating in Q1-Q3 to Q4 was 83rd. In a nutshell, Landry's a different QB in the fourth quarter. And not in a good way.

One could argue that Landry is young, and that he'll get better. This is someone that started ten games last year and played in twelve. He now has 20 games under his belt. I would love to think that it's going to improve. But it's just possible that it's not going to happen.