Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A few semi-stolen thoughts re Tech

Berry Tramel's article does a good job of describing where Leach ranks in OU history.

On Monday, I read where Leach talks to Switzer regularly. Those have to be some interesting discussions. Anyway, today on ESPN103.3 FM in Dallas, Switzer was on Michael Irvin's radio show. During the course of his discussion (you must listen to Switzer sometime on the radio, it's good stuff), Switzer confirmed he talked to Leach about once a week, and also said Leach would "be at Clemson or Washington or Tennessee next year". I tried to find this snippet on the ESPN radio website but had no luck.

Anyway, I'd be disappointed if Leach leaves Lubbock. I think Leach may be a bit too quirky for many of the larger schools, but there's no doubt in my mind he would succeed at a larger school in terms of success on the field and having kids graduate.

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