Sunday, November 2, 2008

What happens with a three way tie?

Several ifs and buts along the way, but let's pretend for a moment that a) UT wins out; b) TT's only loss is to OU. That would leave the Big 12 South in a three way tie for first, and the tie breaker goes to the highest ranking BCS team at that point. Link to rule here. The projects UT to fall to 5th, just ahead of Oklahoma.

So, here's the food for thought: let's pretend for a moment that OU beats two offensive powerhouses presently ranked in the top 8 in the next three games.

Let's look at UT's final games. Texas finishes with Baylor, at Kansas (ranked 26th in USA Today/Coaches poll) and home against TAMU. After a murderous last four weeks, their strenght of schedule will drop a bit as they play the fifth and sixth best teams in the South. Oklahoma, on the other hand, will play two teams in the top 8, after a date with TAMU this next weekend. So, look for Oklahoma's SOS to climb considerably in the computer generated polls.

From that, it'll be interesting to see how, in late November, the human polls will evaluate the OU-UT matchup that was nearly two months prior. I think in that instance the Sooners might prevail.

Of course, it could also be possible that Texas loses to Kansas, Texas Tech loses to Oklahoma State and Oklahoma, and Oklahoma State beats Oklahoma after an upset loss on the road in Colorado. Then, you have a three way tie that is much less significant.

The real travesty is that with four teams in the top 8, only two will make their way into the BCS games. Of course, the only proper way to deal with that is for Big 12 teams 3-4 to absolutely destroy their foes in the Holiday and Cotton Bowls.

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