Friday, November 7, 2008

Better Late than never

Here are your wknd previews:

Baylor at Texas - Baylor last won in Austin in 1991. Texas enjoyed the experience so much they fired David McWilliams at the end of the season. Mackovic survived his first loss to Baylor in 1992, but the second in 1997 in part contributed to his dismissal. With the stock market as it is, Texas can not afford to pay Mack off to ride into the sunset, so look for the officials to tilt the game in favor of the Longhorns. Prediction: Texas

Iowa State at Colorado - Prediction: Loss of conciousness.

Kansas at Nebraska - you have to turn the clock back to 1968 to find the last time the Jayhawks travelled to Lincoln and came out with a win. In the 19 games in Lincoln since then, the Bugeaters ahve outscored the Jayhawks 807-178. Mangino has begun to realize the steak of his labor there in Lawrence, however. Prediction: Kansas.

Kansas St at Missouri - look for Ron Prince's troops to rally around him and challenge the Tigers. This means Mizzou might score less than 50, the first time K sTate holds someone below 50 in four games. Prediction: Missouri.

Poor Man's Texas Tech at Texas Tech - who predicted these two teams would have two of the three best defenses in the conference this year? You? You're lying. OSU is 2nd in scoring D and TT is 3rd. They hold those same rankings for pass efficiency D. Oddly enough, I think those defenses are the key to the game, as the offenses are different, yet are wildy effective this year. Boone State will be looking for their first victory in Lubbock since Barry Switzer was in elementay school. Okie State has the edge on special teams, but I believe the other areas are even. I'm going to pick...the home team. Prediction: Texas Tech.

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