Saturday, November 15, 2008

Stolen Thoughts 11-15-08

Most of these I found on the most excellent site The Wiz of Odds; it really is a phenomenal site for finding good stuff around the country.

Here's your argument that the MAC is better than the Big Televen.

In an absolutely shocking development, we find that TCU isn't in favor of playing Thurs night road games after Saturday night road games. The MWC is looking into it. I'm sure it's tough to get good time slots on the CBS College Network.

There are a couple more videos of our favorite rival coach, the Great Pirate.

Also, here's the scoop on the Mangino rant I mentioned earlier this week from the 2004 game. I love the internet.

Sam Chi does a grat job aver at the BCSguru of breaking down the BCS contenders and pretenders. For example, who's played a tougher schedule, Alabama or Utah? You may be surprised. Of course, I don't think Utah will be playing Florida in a conf championship game.

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