Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stolen Thoughts 11-12-08

Ya know how Boone State has the big ol' cards for defensive plays? Someone over on a TT board came up with a great version. If only OSU would have tried it.

Best. Leach story. Ever.

This is one of the plays of the year, courtesy of Todd Reesing.

Next week is a busy week for us here at've got the week before the biggest game in the history of mid-November 2008, leaving for vacation after the Dust Pirate game, extra special blogging coverage of said game, and now you've got this.

Venables to Clemson? Perhaps. Does this concern me? Sure. On the other hand, no one's interviewing Washington assistants for jobs this year.

Harold's Stores are closing. It's a sad day. I got to know Harold Powell while working at the Trails Golf Club during my collegiate years. He was a good dude.

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