Thursday, November 6, 2008

Big 12 South Hopes

Earlier this week, I came across the BCS Guru site, written by Samuel Chi. I emailed Sam and posed the question: If the Dust Pirates beat Boone State, and the Sooners beat the Aggies, Dust Pirates and Boone State, will the Sooners be able to leapfrog the Horns in the BCS?

Following is Sam's response: "In your scenario, Texas will still end up representing the Big 12 South. A TT loss to OU would occur late in the season, dropping them lower in the standings, that leaves OU and UT, and most voters will opt for UT because they beat OU head-to-head. And also, in that scenario, UT would be the only one who didn't have a "home" game, for they defeated OU at a neutral site. Keep in mind that when it's that late in the season, most computer ranking will no longer matter - the human voters will decide everything. That is a major flaw in the current formula.

I think a one-loss Big 12 champ would be ranked behind Florida if it beats an unbeaten Bama in the SEC title game. That's why this week's LSU-Bama game should be a big deal to Big 12 fans. They want Bama to lose this week."

So, that was depressing. Unfortunately, Sam's response is consistent with what I heard from Brad Edwards on Mike and Mike in the morning on ESPN Radio on Wednesday.

I would agree with Sam that the humans have too much of a say in the process. However, during the latest rounds of resetting the formula, the computer must not have had good representation.

So, the Sooners need to root for the Les Miles coached Tigers (tough for me to do) and for the Baylor Bears and/or Texas Aggies to upset the Horns.

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