Friday, November 28, 2008

Common Foes

Going into the OU-Boone State game, the Horns and Sooners have played 5 common foes: TAMU, KU, Baylor, TT and one another. Texas is 4-1, with a scoring margin of 207-111. OU is 4-1 with a scoring margin of 260-142.

This will all shake itself out in the next 72 hours in one of the following scenarios: a) OU will beat OSU decisively, maintain a lead in the human polls and jump Texas enough in the computer polls to edge the Horns in the BCS; b) OU will edge OSU, will lose ground in the human polls and that will offset the gain in the computers and the Horns will take the Big 12 South; c) OSU will win, and Texas Tech makes the Big 12 South championship; d) Baylor upsets Texas Tech and hands the crown to Texas.

Texas Tech is a 21 point favorite, so d) is highly unlikely. OU is a 7 point favorite against the Pokes, so b) and c) are more likely than a). I'm still going with a Sooner blowout.

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poopsandwich said...

How about those bears? Maybe Briles will teach our boys how to close out a game by next season. We should have beat those sand aggies.