Thursday, September 20, 2007

TU Game may be toughest on schedule?

Well, after watching Cash Machine University spit the bit this evening, it seems to me very possible that when we look back on this season, this Tulsa game may be one of our toughest tests of the season. I believe that Texas is still the best foe on the schedule, but ATM no longer looks threatening, Boone State is, well, Boone State, the Sand pirates are an unknown with that exhaustive schedule they've played, and Baylor is still Baylor.

Re: our Big 12 North foes, Mizzou may be a challenge, but we'll know more after their border rivalry game against Illinios State this weekend. I'm not prepared to evaluate Colorado yet, every time I watch them I fall asleep. Well, maybe that's enough of an evaluation right there. I'm not yet fearing Iowa State. I think they will succumb to the curse of Dan McCartney for firing a coach the led them to respectability and not be good for awhile.

Coach Fran and team did a great job of making 'the U' look very good this evening. Kyle Wright looked like a Heisman contender against their D. If Miami is this good, then the 51-10 beating we gave them is all the more impressive. On the other hand, a team that young can be so inconsistent, and often times road vs home can make a ton of difference.

Interesting facts re: tomorrow night's game against the Golden Hurricane...The Tulsa D barely rates as a tropical depression; might even qualify as a light shower: Tulsa allowed 694 yards against BYU last Saturday. In OU's three games to date, they've allowed 539. BYU scored more points against Tulsa than the other two games they'd played combined. BYU had not broken the 20 point barrier against UCLA or Arizona. Of the three teams UL-Monroe has played, their margin of loss was lowest against Tulsa. Tulsa won that game 35-17, but the Warhawks surrendered 49 and 54 points to Clemson and Cash Machine U, respectively.

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