Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Analysis of the 'Canes - Sooners clash that you just won't get anywhere else.


Sooners QB anxiety less after 21-23 performance by Bradford. It's tough to do that in practice. Kirby Freeman's 9-21 for 81 yards didn't make Randy Shannon warm and fuzzy.


I think the squads are pretty comparable talent-wise. Edge goes to OU, because for comparable talent, it's easier to stop Miami than Oklahoma.

Special Teams

Miami almost always has a solid return game, but the in end goes to OU, courtesy of Garrett Hartley and the punting tandem.

Stadium Name

Orange Bowl vs Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial Stadium at Owen Field. No contest.


New Head FB Randy Shannon has been receiving positive reviews. But I'm going with the HeadVisor.

Cool Alumni

Miami FL alumni include Sly Stallone (literally given his degree), Gene

Roddenberry (Star Trek producer), and Grace Slick. The U loses points for providing

a college to Terrell Owens' agent Drew Rosenhaus and Roy Black, attorney for William Kennedy Smith.

OU alumni include Larry Drake (Benny on LA Law), James Garner, Ed Harris

(Apollo 13, Truman Show), Jim Ross (pro rasslin announcer). I watched Apollo 13 last week, so the Sooners get the nod.


honoring death

and destruction

Rumor has it that Miami leadership considered Apocalype, Armageddon,

Bubonic Plague, Dirty Bomb and Terrorist Attack before settiling on Hurricanes. Makes a naming the school after some cheaters pretty lame.

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