Tuesday, September 11, 2007

This just in from Austin...

I read in the Dallas Morning News today an analysis by Chip Brown where UT Coaches Mack Brown and Greg Davis have realized that...
"The offensive line is inexperienced. And he's got sophomore quarterback Colt McCoy, a laser passer who knows the playbook and can read defenses, and a strong receiving corps."
Really? So, you're telling me that Colt McCoy can't run like Vince Young? Let's see, in 2006, My Little Pony ran for 170 yards on 68 carries. Vince ran for over 1000 yards during his sophomore and junior years, averaging more than 6 yards per carry. So after a game into this season, Davis and Brown figure out that they should pass more and run less, cause Colt's not that as proficient at running, and might be able to read defenses and throw better?

Wow? Do the coaches watch practices in Austin? Or do they just serve as lookouts for the police?

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