Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Coach Hair Gel

Saw this hilarious clip on Coach Hair Gel of Boone State on the DiscoTech! site as well. As an additional bonus, we have this comment on Pat Forde's Forde Yard Dash column, "Not to say that Mike Gundy's record is built on a pile of straw or anything, but seven of his 12 victories as coach of the Cowboys are against I-AA or Sun Belt teams." I decided to look a little bit at his record. Coach Hair Gel is 7-1 against those teams, and 5-14 against everyone else. Boone State is 1-7 against the Sooners, Red Raider, Horns and Aggies. The Pokes are occasionally formidable at home, but I don't think their D will stand up to the Sand Pirates this weekend.

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