Friday, September 21, 2007

Q1 Analysis, OU-Tulsa

I thought I'd provide some live, quarter by quarter random thoughts of the game as I watch it on ESPN2. Nice to see Dennis Byrd, former Mustang High, Tulsa U and NY Jets player. If you want to read a good book, read Rise and Walk by Dennis Byrd...Sooners Ball on the 33: Sam Bradford is on the mark again with a quick strike to Malcolm Kelly...Demarco Murray continues to be impressive, dodging several tacklers then dragging a couple for a nice gain to the five...Holy cow, Sam B is human. He throws his second pick of the season, looking to Kelly's side of the field the entire time before firing his way. The Tulsa CB Rodgers appears to have pulled a hamstring on the play. Tulsa Ball on their 37: Now we get to see the Hurricane offense. Tulsa really spreads the field. First down Tulsa on a nice pass by Smith. Holy Cow, Meier was open. Paul Smith does a good job on the play action pass. Huge gain for the Hurricane. TD Golden Hurricane. That's not how Coach Stoops had it drawn up. Tulsa 7, Sooners 0. I can't wait for Good Luck Chuck promos to end. That movie looks awful. Sooners ball on their own 5: first two plays for a loss of one yard. The orange shirt is not a good luck for Chris Spielman. Bradford throws behind Iglesias. Momentum is definitely on the Golden Hurricane's side at this point. Tulsa ball from the Sooner 47: Smith does a great job of moving around. Sooners had a chance to force a three and out but doesn't make the tackle soon enough. The Sooners finally get a hit on smith and sack him for a 9 yard loss. Sooners allow a 18 yard completion. Smith dows a nice job of throwing on the run. Fourth and one for the Hurricane at the Sooners 32. I expect the Tulsa to go deep on this play. Tulsa is out of time outs, and the Sooners just called one. I'm surprised by the play call, and barring a generous spot - OU stops the play. OU Ball on the 28 - Sooners are moving now. Nice decisin by Bradford to take it down and run for a first down. Sooners go deep and get an interference call and are now in Hurricane territory. Wow, Allen Patrick likes to hit people. Sometimes I wonder if we'd be better off with DJ Wolfe at RB and Allen Patrick as a DB. There's a shocker. Patrick actually jukes a DB with a cutback and runs 29 yards for a score. Little early on the high step. Tulsa 7, Sooners 7. I hope Jessica Simpson gets paid by the viewing of her Proactiv ad. Tulsa ball from their 20. Fumble! Hurricanes recover. Smith runs for his life and almost completes a l-o-n-g pass. Third down and 19 again for the Golden Hurricane. First punt for Tulsa coming up. Sooner ball at midfield. Allen Patrick is having a big night. Nice pump fake by Bradford and J Iglesias was more open than a USC Trojan at the 05 Orange Bowl. TD Sooners. Sooners 14, Tulsa 7. At the end of the quarter, Patrick is averaging 7 ypc, Murray 10 ypc, and Bradford 7. Tulsa ball on the TU 20. When TU gives Smith time to throw - or he can dodge enough defenders to have time to throw - he's finding open receivers.

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