Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Who's the Best #14

Mike Babb (DB, 76-79) - biggest moment I recall was recovering onside kick in OU's come from behind victory in 1977 over Ohio State. Babb died during a surgery in 1982 after sustaining an injury in an alumni game.

John Connor (98-99) - limited playing time as a Sooner, but as you can see here, was only in his early teens at the time. Clearly with lots of post Sooner upside, he is poised to be the leader of the Human Rebellion.

Josh Heupel - (QB, 99-00) All-American as a Sr, led the Sooners to 14-0 perfect season in 2000. Held most passing records for the Sooners, in spite of being a JuCo transfer until Jason White got his Ph.D. at OU in football.

Derrick White (DB, 84-87)- I remember Derrick as the DB that kept chasing Michael Irvin into the end zone. A few other folks ended up chasing Irvin, whether it was DBs or the po-po. White was a 7th round pick of the Minnesota Vikings.

Rod Pegues (QB, 78-82) - chosen by the New Jersey Generals in USFL's 1983 territorial draft. So he's got that going for him, which is nice. No mention of Mr. Pegues in the Sooner record book.

Hunter Wall - (QB, 01-02) - QB from Coppell, America. Was kicked off team after redshirt freshman season. Highlight of the short career was 33 yard TD pass reception off of a fake punt against Kansas State in 2001. It was a genius call by Stoops that I cannot find on YouTube. Wall was kicked off the team in fall of 2002.

Sam Bradford - (QB, 06-present) led nation in passing efficiency as a redshirt freshman in 07and broke My Little Pony's record for most TD passes by a freshman.

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Carl Spackler said...

Hunter Wall best holder/receiver to be arrested with the ganja...