Thursday, January 3, 2008

Couple More West Virginia Items

Congrats to Bill Stewart and WV for promoting from within. Stewart certainly looked more than capable last night, though big time donor Ken Kendrick has his doubts. West By God Virginia is optimistic, but appears to have some doubts. It's a little natural to be a bit reserved on the unproven assistant getting a promotion thing.

Second, here's an interesting item on the RR lawsuit. I've been following that with a little bit of morbid fascination and haven't commented on it. I'm rooting hard for WV to win this. I think if the coaches - whether it's RR or our own HeadVisor - want the security of the multi-million dollar long term deal, millions more thrown into facilities, free tix for coaches and books for kids so that every obstacle is paved over so they can recruit, the coaches need to abide by their end of the deal also.

Now back to work.

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