Saturday, January 12, 2008

Real Basketball Season Begins

Today the real live basketball season begins. No more Gardner Webbs, Findlays, or Stephen F Austins. Here is the schedule strength rating of each of the Men's Big 12 teams, per Sagarin.

Phog U - 241
Texas - 100
Cash Machine U - 305
Sooners - 215
Baylor - 300
Nebraska - 341
Kansas State - 245
Missouri - 224
Texas Tech - 169
Boone State - 210
Iowa State - 284
Colorado - 279

The Sooners have played 5 games against the top 50 per Sagarin, but managed to schedule enough cupcakes in the other 10 games to have the 215th hardest schedule. Most of the big schools are guilty of these shenanigans. It's a way to get to those 20 wins and stake a claim to the tourney, but it doesn't always work.

Sagarin's ratings consider the Big 12 the second most difficult conference this season, and the Sooners are rated 27th. Let's hope that stays there, or improves.

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poopsandwich said...

How about those Bears???

12-2 against that schedule, thatsa nice...