Thursday, January 10, 2008

NCAA Announces Preliminary Investigation at UCLA

The NCAA Committee on Infractions has announced a preliminary investigation into recruiting practices at UCLA. According to a report obtained by LandThieves Press, the recruiting violations started immediately after Rick Neuheisel's press conference was completed. Neuheisel, who considers himself "thankful to be five years older than Troy Aikman, or I would have never seen the field", starred at UCLA in the early 80s. As a coach Neuheisel led both Colorado and Washington programs to new levels of NCAA investigations that they had not seen before.

UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero responded to the allegations. "Rick doesn't even have a phone yet. He hasn't done anything."

This reporter inquired further into rumors that Neuheisel's staff will include Jackie Sherrill and Lou Holtz. Guerroro replied, "I can't comment on rumors like that. I can tell you that Coach Holtz hasn't been accused of a single recruiting violation in three years, and Coach Sherrill has been clean for at least four years. I also can't comment on whether Jimmy Johnson has accepted the role of Director of Compliance."

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