Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Baylor QB Update

There's an old joke about a Sooner moving to Texas and improving the IQ of both states. That joke came to mind when I read this morning that Kirby Freeman enrolled at Baylor and has one year of eligibility remaining. But seriously folks, Freeman was a highly touted recruit way back when, and I'm not sure he received the best instruction at the U that last four years. If Briles can coach him into a servicable QB for the Bears - or coach up one of the existing QBs in the mix, based upon how they looked last year - he will be worth more than the money the B is paying him.


poopsandwich said...


The truth is, the B only had to pick up his roster bonus from the U. It was a sweet deal.

Speaking of money, how is Rhett Bomar doing these days?

HeadThief said...

Rhett was selected as the best car salesman in East Texas, achieving one of his goals.

poopsandwich said...

That's funny stuff, I can't believe I have never seen that.

New crap on my blog by the way.