Monday, January 21, 2008

Oklahoma Sooners Playing in Super Bowl

Interesting fact o' the day. There are no Sooners on the roster of either Super Bowl team. I then went to the conference championship game rosters per Still no Sooners.

There are 124 colleges represented - and two players list no colleges - on the rosters of the conference finalists. However, no Sooners. 30 Sooners are listed on NFL rosters, but none on those 4 teams. Shippensbury University - home of the Raiders - has two alumni on the Packers team, and 32 colleges have 3 or more represented.

I don't know what that means, I'm just sayin'...


tazman said...

It is very simple. Great players go to poor teams. AD Peterson for example. If he had any kind of a QB the would have gone a lot farther in the playoffs. Just think of AD with any of the playoff teams QB. I will say that with the help of AD opening up the passing game the vikings QB has gotten better.

poopsandwich said...

Good call Tazman. You make a great point. Look at any of the great college players, and they are on sucky teams:

Matt Leinhart, USC - Cardinals
AD Peterson, OU - Vikes
Willie Andrews, Baylor - Patriots

oops, nevermind. Oh, we did say great? I guess an undrafted free-agent does not qualify.

Vince Young, TU - Titans
and the list goes on and on.