Tuesday, January 8, 2008

To Fans of the Big 10 Conference and College Football, Part Two

My dearest fans,

Many of you have inquired about my thoughts regarding last night's "Championship" game between The Ohio State University and the Louisiana State University for Remedial Learners. Many wanted an update from my previous letter. There has been quite a bit written today about LSU's dominance on the floor of the Superdome last night. In response to these commentaries, I still believe it is premature for us to lower our admission standards. For example, many people saw this picture in their local paper today.

While many see this picture as an LSU player celebrating for the photographers, I believe this "athlete-student" is asking an Ohio State student-athlete to read the paper's headline to him. Clearly this troubled, underprivileged youth is reaching out to the Buckeye football team to help him with his illiteracy.

We here at the Big 10 Conference will continue to hold our universities to the highest of academic standards, so that each year we might help another foe read a newspaper proclaiming them national champion.

Making a difference one student at a time,
Jim Delaney


poopsandwich said...

I have been to Lousyana, and I can attest that most of them are some dumbass F'ers. I've been to Okieland too, and they have you beat.

I found a funny blog you might enjoy,


HeadThief said...

Boomama seems pretty interesting. I wasn't trying to get into intellect of folks from the fair state of La, tyring more to poke fun at the pompousness of Big 11 commisn.