Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Projecting the Rest of the Mens BB Season

The Sooners Mens team is 15-5, with losses to undefeated Memphis and Kansas, at USC, home against K-State, and home against Stephen Freaking Austin. Every game played against a team that presently has four losses or less has resulted in a notch in the L column for the Sooners. Extending that theory out, we would...

Lose At TAMU
Lose hostingTexas
Win at CU
Win hosting ISU
Win at TT
Win hosting Baylor
Lose at Texas
Win at Nebraska
Lose hosting TAMU
Win at Oklahoma State
Win hosting Mizzou

That would leave the Sooners with a 21-9 record, going 9-5 in conference play. Winning in Lubbock and Stillwater is a bit optimistic, but losing to TAMU in Norman is equally less predicatble. If the above holds form, the Sooners would likely have a first round bye in the Big 12 tourney, and likely at least one W in the conference tourney. Sagarin rates the Big 12 as the second best conference right now. So, we're looking at 22-10 going into Selection Sunday, with an over .500 record in a premier conference.

I like the Sooners chances of making the NCAAs with that, and I have to admit I wouldn't have expected that at the beginning of the season.

If you're interested in how a host of different computer rankings rate the Sooners, check out Kenneth Massey's site at

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John said...

You're a friggin Einstein! If our Sooners make the NCAA, Jeff Capel should be the B12 COY.