Friday, January 18, 2008

2008 FB Schedule released

by LandThieves Editor in Charge, Joe Huff

The Sooners announced their 08 schedule the other day. Here's a quick preview.

  • Aug 30 - UT-Chattanooga - reeling after TO's departure, the final nail in the Mossacin's coffin was the departure of Flower Mound Marcus Marauder Chris Sanders. Should be 100 degrees for the game. Pretty sure the Sooners start out with a W here.
  • Sep 6 - Cincinnati - I'm not sure when the Sooners first scheduled this game, but they probably weren't expecting this to be a formidable foe when they put this one on paper. The Bearcats finished the year 10-3 in 2007. They lost to West Virginia 28-23. They lose their starting QB, Ben Mauk (xfer from Wafe Forest). The Sooners play well at home, so I'm predicting a W in this one.
  • Sep 13 - at Washington - Husky boosters are offering money to fire Willingham. The Sooners were threatening last year to back out of the game due to atrocious Pac 10 officiating. Oh, and there'll be a football game. Jake Locker will be healthy, and hopefully the Sooners will ahve a secondary by then. The Sooners are no great shakes on the road, but I expect the Huskies to continue to do nothing, and the Sooners will get a W here.
  • Sep 27 - TCU - fortunately, we have two weeks to prepare for the Horned Frogs. TCU dominated the Sooners in Norman in 05; we'll see if the Sooners can avenge the defeat. The early draft departures have really depleted the Sooners. If TCU figures out how to utilize Andy Dalton, or Marcus Jackson figures out how to throw, the Sooners are in for a battle here.
  • Oct 4 - at Baylor - the Sooners travel to Waco to introduce themselves to Art Briles aerial circus. Sooners are 17-0 against Baylor, and I don't expect that streak to stop in 2008.
  • Oct 11 - Texas in Dallas - this one is always interesting, and 08 shouldn't be any different. The Longhorn O-line will be more experienced in 08, and if Mack and Major can keep the kids out of jail over the summer, the Horns could get a W here.
  • Oct 18 - Kansas - this is not your father's Kansas football team.
  • Oct 25 - at Kansas State - the Wildcats have been Jekyll and Hyde under Ron Prince.
  • Nov 1 - Nebraska - I doubt Pellini will refer to the Sooners as #@!$#! Hillbillies. I also doubt Bo will be able to turn the Bugeaters around in a year.
  • Nov 8 - at Texas A&M - this has been a tough place to play for the Sooners. The Cash Machines have a new coach in Mike Sherman. He may decide to get the ball to Mike Goodson, and that could be trouble.
  • Nov 15 - Texas Tech - the LandThieves will get a chance for payback against the Dust Pirates. With an entirely new secondary, they may not get it.
  • Nov 29 - at Boone State - this will be the Pokes bowl game.With the casinos nearby in Pawnee, it's just like Shreveport.

I'm not bright enough to break each element of the game down, but with the Sooners losses on D, I can't imagine them really being ranked in the Top 5 like the early 2008 prognosticators have. Personally, I expect the Sooners to go 9-3, and win the Cotton or Holiday bowl.There are several games that pose challenges for the Sooners: Cincy, TCU, Texas, Kansas, at K-State, at A&M, hosting TT and traveling to Boone state. I just don't see a lot of gimmes there.

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