Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Fiesta Bowl Preview - we have a coach and you don't

Meth labs: Oklahoma
Moonshine Production: West Virginia
Suing former coaches for millions: West Virginia
Embracing past coaches who brought us years of probation: Oklahoma

Overall Edge: Oklahoma. West Virginia, aside from the moonshine thing, seems to be a fairly law abiding place. You can’t win like that people! West Virginia thinks coaches should honor contracts. Oklahoma thinks tables should be elevated, so it’s easier to pass payments under them.

Official football elements review:
Running game: West Virginia. Sooners will be hampered somewhat by Granger’s bus ride.
Passing game: Oklahoma. Bradford is the leading passer in the country. West Virginia’s pass defense is ranked 12th in the country. The best passing attack the Mountaineers faced this year was…Marshall.
Defense: Oklahoma. West Virginia allows fewer points, and gives up fewer yards. They’ve also only played one team with a top 25 offense. OU has played four games against top 10 offenses. The WV defense does a good job of creating turnovers. Which may help them stay in this game.
Intangibles: Oklahoma. We have a head coach and you don’t.

Prediction: Sooner W.

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Anonymous said...

Intangibles: Oklahoma. We have a head coach and you don’t.

Has there ever been a more poorly prepared team for a bowl game? This makes Mack Brown look like coach of the decade.