Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Math, the Boone State way...

By Senior Editor in Charge Joe Huff

Today, while perusing the interwebs looking for something to blog about, I came across the golden nugget that is the Boone State football records book. I landed there after perusing the Boone State web site and trying to find when exactly OSU won 10 conference championships in football (answer: 9 of them were prior to my birth in 1966). Never mind the fact that the link to page 6 takes you to page 4 of the record book, my favorite part is 'Passing Yards in a Season'. My picture taking abilities notwithstanding, you see rated first, Josh Fields with 3,146 yards and then 2,494 the following year. In the listing, that is followed by Coach Hair Gel's sophomore through senior campaigns, where Gundy progressed from 2,106 yards to 2,203 yards. The puzzling part is that Bobby Reid's sophomore campaign, where Reid threw for 2,266 yards, is listed as sixth in the record book, right behind the 2,106 (?) for Gundy in 1987, and just ahead of the 1,571 Tony Pounds threw for in 1970.
It would seem to this reporter that with Gundy being a 40 year old male, he should be able to handle the news that Reid's sophomore season was actually ranked third.

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