Sunday, January 20, 2008

LandThieves Book Review

By Senior Editor in Charge Joe Huff

Merrill Hoge’s new book ‘Vince Young is an Idiot” will be available in stores this week. We here at LandThieves were able to secure an advance copy here and have a review.

ESPN NFL Analyst Merrill Hoge has collected transcripts of all of his tirades, whether on ESPN or through comments in newspapers - most recently after the firing of Norm Chow, who writes the foreword, and added additional narratives and insight into his distaste for Mr. Young.

If you recall, there was quite a bit of debate as to whether Young would be a viable NFL QB. This started during the insufferably long predraft season, and Hoge was quick to jump on the ‘Vince is awful’ bandwagon. There was a widely reported rumor that Vince scored a 6 on the Wonderlic test. In the book, Hoge recounted a behind the scenes story from an NFL scout who told that when Vince was first told he had to take a Wonderlic test, Vince showed up with a cigar, bottle of champagne and wearing nothing but a satin robe. He was quite dismayed to find out he actually needed a pencil.

Hoge continues to take VY to task over his passing stats. Hoge even compares Young to Chicago Bears whipping boy rex Grossman. "Over the past two years, Grossman is 387-705, 27 TDs and 27 INTs and 14 fumbles. Young is 422-739 for 21 TDs and 30 INTs and 22 fumbles. Rex lost his job, but VY is considered a hero and a winner. I just don't get it."

Hoge has been quoted as saying that Vince can’t run as fast as Vick, isn't quick, and makes poor decisions. I found it odd for a media personality such as Mr. Hoge to devote such negative energy toward one player. Hoge played football at Idaho State. I could understand this if he were a Sooner or a Texas Aggie. Maybe it’s the concussions?

Finally, I thought the story of behind the cover of the book was interesting, to quote the book, “Well, many Texas fans would see this and say that Vince Young is flashing the Hook ‘em Horns sign here. However, the Disney folks had actually set me up with an exclusive interview with Vince when he was at Disneyland for a Rose Bowl function. One of the questions I asked him was, ‘You struggled with the offense your first year or so of college, and Coaches Brown and Davis simplified the offense for you. How many plays do you know how to run.’ Vince didn’t say anything; he just lifted up two fingers.’”

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poopsandwich said...

That's a relief, I thought he was giving the shocker there for a minute, and at Disneyland!!