Friday, August 24, 2007

An Update on TestiGate

Well, we have more information on TestiGate. Apparently, the defendant Allen "Mike" Beckett, has a different version of the story. When I first read this story, I was expecting to see a picture of the defendant somewhere, ya know, sporting a mullet, or perhaps a nice skull tattoo on his cheek. At a minimum, I was expect a comb or pick sticking out of a back pocket. Apparently our defendant looks a bit less menacing than I would have imagined. The beauty of this all is that Mr. Beckett is not a Sooner alum, but a 1982 graduate of Sterling College, a feared member of the Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference. The victim of this painful incident, Brian Thomas, is lucky he wasn't wearing a Kansas Wesleyan shirt, or heaven forbid sporting a shirt toting the virtues of the University of St. Mary Spires. Mike would've really jacked him up then.


jaydou said...

what about the gorillas of pittsburg state???

HeadThief said...

The Gorillas of Pittsburg State are not a Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference rival. I'm a journalist, I do my research!