Saturday, August 11, 2007

HeadThief returns to HomeLand

We're heading up to Oklahoma in a bit. There are good family reasons for the trip, but I also will be watching the Sooner scrimmage today and going to the TigerLoveFest that appears to be headed to Southern Hills on Sunday. Lord willing, I will not spontaneously combust while watching sporting events. I'm just as curious about how the QBs look as I am about how the new screen in the north end zone looks at the stadium. Being a south end zone dweller for 17 years, it might be nice to watch a replay without turning around.

We are now in Day 5 (I think it's five, don't have time for research) of FrogWatch. There was a nice note in the DMN about the departing coach of the U of Minnesota Women's hockey team, though. Which is good, I was dying to know about that. Makes me wonder which gets read more, this lonely blog or notes about collegiate women's hockey in a university 1500 miles away when it's 100 degress outside.

I'll likely be silent for a couple of days as a result of the trip.

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