Saturday, August 18, 2007

The latest update on QBs

I think Stoops is going to have them participate in a Sudoku challenge. After all, the popular little test allows you to consider probabilities, analyze data, and make decisions. Just like football, except slower paced and there's no steroid fueled defender intending to maim you as you execute based upon the decision. And, oh yeah, I've never had 70,000+ people analyze my Sudoku decision.

I'm intentionally ignoring the obsession of who's going to be the OU QB...I loathe how the Dallas and OKC papers have notes each day saying, "no decision has been made". Particularly in OKC, my guess is that when the announcement is made, it'll be front page sports news, if not front page altogether. Seems like the old joke about the husband who told his wife, "I told you a loved you when I married you, I'll let you know when that changes."

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