Wednesday, August 29, 2007

OSU Field of Champions Sneak Peak

By Dexter Manley, LandThieves Correspondent, Stillwater Bureau

Stillwater, OK (LTP) - Sources close to the Boone State athletic program gave me a preview today of the soon to be unveiled Field of Champions just outside of Boone Pickens Stadium at Lewis Field. The statues in the field highlight all the gridiron champions of past, present, and future.

Critics of Boone State U assailed the university for copying intrastate rival University of Oklahoma with their Heisman Park adjacent to Owen Field. Athletic Director Mike Holder defended the Field of Champions, however, "This is just another example of Boone Pickens vision for the Boone State. He wants us to build a football team the wresting program can be proud of."


jaydou said...

The best post of the year!!!! You are genius

HeadThief said...

If the budget could afford photoshop, I would have had a scarecrow wearing an orange Barry Sanders jersey right in the middle of that bad boy.

Poe Man said...

It would have been better if the hay bales were arranged in an OU. Similar to the bricks in the Boone State football stadium.