Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Long Awaited Analysis of the OU-UNT game slated for Saturday in Norman is below.

Sooners have definite edge here with exp offensive line, talented WRs and RBs.

Sooners have one of the best secondaries in the CFB. D line and LB are unproven, but

HeadVisor reloads on D moreso than rebuilds.

Special Teams

Special teams have traditionally been a strong point of LandThieves U since HeadVisor

took over in 1999. With kickoffs moved back, HeadVisor sure to put even more


Stadium Name
Fouts Field vs Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial Stadium at Owen Field. No contest.

New Head FB Coach Dodge will make things happen in Denton. Advantage to Sooners

until Dodge executes at this level.

Cool Alumni

UNT alumni include Don Henley, Meatloaf, Dr. Phil, Stone Cold Steve Austin,

Thomas Haden Church (Lowell Mather from Wings TV series), Roy Orbison,

Mean Joe Greene.

OU alumni include Larry Drake (Benny on LA Law), James Garner, Ed Harris,

Jim Ross (pro rasslin announcer). If we were rating Rich Alumni in this feature,

LandThief former students include Helen Walton (widow of Sam), Michael Price,

and Pat Bowlen, owner of the Denver Broncos.

Albino Squirrel

on Campus

The Albino Squirrel Preservation Society at UNT tried to get the Albino Squirrel

voted as a secondary mascot in 2002. The students apparently narrowly rejected

the measure. In 2006, the albino squirrel was killed by a hawk. I think it was

Scrappy in disguise. Another albino squirrel surfaced. I'm not certain if having an

Albino Squirrel as a prominent feature of campus is an advantage or not, but we're

giving them the benefit of the doubt.


Paul Crewe said...

I don't think you have given enough credit to the greatness of Todd Dodge. Jerry Jones will hire him after Wade fails as Cowboy coach. The DMN has an article each day on the UNT program. They have realized his greatness.

Anonymous said...

I already have a contract in place for Dodge to coach the Cowboys in 2008. I can only afford to pay two head coaches at once, so I have to wait for Big Bill's contract to expire.

Little Nicky