Saturday, August 4, 2007

Ryan Perrilloux to Transfer to Texas

by Joe Huff, College Football Analyst
Often implicated but never duplicated QB Ryan Perrilloux announced at 8:01 pm last night that he was transferring to the Unviersity of Texas. Many pundits were surprised yesterday when LSU Tigers coach Les Miles announced that Perilloux would be reinstated at 800 p.m. Friday.

The plot thickened immediately thereafter. Perrilloux came into the team meeting wearing a Longhorn hat. If you recall, Perriloux proclaimed as a h.s. senior that he would save Greg Davis' job as Longhorn offensive coordinator and beat out then sophomore Vince Young. Since that proclamation, Perrilloux changed his mind when Les Miles came calling and signed with LSU, failed to beat out Matt Mauck and JaMarcus Russell for the QB slot, and has had numerous encounters with the legal authorities in Louisiana, including using a fake ID to enter a casino and being proclaimed a "person of interest" related to a counterfeiting scheme.

I sat down with Perrilloux after the announcement for a brief Q&A:

LTP: Ryan, this was quite a surprise, why did you make this decision?
RP: There were four reasons I felt like I needed to make this decision. 1) I just need a fresh start...the casinos in this state just keep calling my name, and I need to get away from there.; b) I know I'm better than Vince Young, imagine what Greg Davis could do with me; c) even if I do get into trouble in Austin, there are so many other 'horns in trouble with the law that I will fit right in.

LTP: Excuse me, Ryan, that was only three reasons.
RP: Really? I must have lost count. Oh, yeah, Mack Brown promised me I could wear my favorite jersey number.

LTP: And the jersey number is?
RP: 1206314. It's a little long, but UT-Austin and the Travis County Jail have worked out an arrangement where the players can wear their prisoner numbers on their jersey. The number's a little smaller on the jersey number now, but it allows the police to identify the players easier after the game.

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