Friday, September 12, 2008

Weekend Previews

Here is my insightful analysis of the more traditionally scheduled games (those on Saturday):

Missouri State at Oklahoma State – Missouri State travels to Stillwater this week and looks to rebound from a loss to Washburn. This is not going to turn out well for the Bears. The Bears are coached by Terry Allen, whose had quite a bit of success at D1-AA schools. However, his biggest checks were cashed at Kansas, where he was the transitional coach between Glen Mason and Mark Mangino. Pick: Boone State

Iowa State at Iowa – this rivalry is a lot like the Oklahoma intrastate rivalry. Both states have significant agrarian economies, both states don’t have any pro teams (wink, wink) and both states have natural disaster problems…tornadoes in Oklahoma, river flooding in Iowa. Both rivalries have a school with a decided advantage in the historical series. Based upon criminal activity alone, the Hawkeyes should win this matchup. However, I’m picking the ‘Clones.

Nevada at Missouri – the Wolfpack couldn’t beat Texas Tech in Nevada. I don’t think they’ll have more success in Columbia, MO. Chase should be picking his nose on the sideline by the fourth quarter. Pick: Boogers - I mean Tigers

SMU at Texas Tech – June Jones has revitalized the SMU offense – and apparently sacrificed any defensive talent in a private ceremony inside Ford Field this summer. I think the over/under on this game is 100, and the Dust Pirates will be getting most of those. During the Leach era, the Dust Pirates have played the Mustangs 5 times, going 5-0 and outscoring the Ponies 193-49. Pick: Dust Pirates.

New Mexico State at Nebraska – the NMSU Aggies are 0-2 against the Bugeaters and haven’t scored a point on the Blackshirts D since Genesis 1. In the previous two games, played in 1979 and 1982, the Huskers won by a combined score of 125-0. Nebraska has not lost to a WAC team since 1955, when Hawaii travelled to Lincoln and beat the Huskers 6-0. These are not your grandfather's Huskers. Pick: Bugeaters

Texas A&M vs Bye – The Aggies look to get untracked against a foe no one knows much about. Bye’s offense lacks imagination, and the defense can’t stop anyone. Look for the Aggies to pull away for the victory in the second half. Pick: Cash Machine U

Ohio State at USC – The last time Ohio State beat SC the Coliseum was 1946. Back then, Truman was a president, not a Jim Carrey movie. I hear all the hype of a blowout, etc, but I think the Buckeyes will fare better than that. Don’t get my wrong, they’ll still lose, and I’d still take the Trojans and give the points. Pick: Trojans.

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