Sunday, September 21, 2008

Collegiate Bass Fishing Returns

The National Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship was held on Lake Lewisville again this past week, and Arkansas atoned for its football team sucking by taking the championship.

the Sooners choked, and came away 22nd.

Five teams made the final day, Arkansas, Cash Machine U, Texas Tech, TAMU-Kingsville, and Baylor. Robert Griffin was of no use to the fishing team however, and they caught only 2 fish totalling 3.3 pounds, compared to 5 fish for 17 pounds for Arkansas.

Arkansas claimed Baylor stole their bait bucket to get 2 fish of that size. The Baylor duo denied the accusation, prayed over the fish and fed the entire gathering.

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poopsandwich said...

Now come on, you know Baptists don't believe in miracles...