Tuesday, September 23, 2008

TCU Motivational Poster

The Frogs last lost in Norman in the 50s.


red dawg said...

TCU made the Dallas Morning News today. The headline read the DeMarcus Granger would not be ready to play against TCU.

I look forward to your breakdown of the mascots. The Sooner vs a lizard that must be extinct because I haven't seen one in 30 years.

poopsandwich said...

Ironic, isn't red dawg? I too have not seen one of those since my youth.

The last time I saw one I was a mere 10 years old, and I decided it would be interesting to pull its legs off.

It would be the last time I went to that aunt's house. What with the lizard torture, and the pulling all the plums off her tree and throwing them against the garage, I was no longer welcome.

I am happy to report that I no longer torture animals.

However, TCU is actually involved in a project with the Texas Parks & Wildlife Dept raising little horny toads.