Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Big 10

ND beat up Michigan. Holy cow. When asked this week if Cal Poly - SLO was a tougher opponent than ND, San Diego State coach Chuck Long said, "That's a good question." The same ND team beat Michigan by double digits today.

So, here's my prediction for the Ohio State Buckeyes for 2008. They get drilled by the Trojans tonight. They squeak by Troy next week, then proceed to walk through the Big Televen the rest of the year, and in November, they are declared "one of the hottest teams in the country". We must all pray that Wisconsin beats the Buckeyes in Madison in a few weeks and stops this from happening. We'll find out more about Wisconsin tonight when they play Fresno State.

The Big Televen is just awful this year. Through three weeks of games, here are the teams from the BCS conferences that Big Ten teams have beaten: Syracuse, Iowa State, Oregon State, Duke. Duke and Syracuse will be the worst teams in their conferences. The only thing that will keep Oregon State from being the worst team in the Pac 10 is Washington State.

Alright, the Sooner game is starting. Boomer.

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