Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lizards vs LandThieves - Q4

TCU ball at the Sooner 48 after a short punt, trailing 35-3. Brian Jackson deflects a pass for Jimmy Young at the Sooner 10. Two completions take it to the Sooner 16. Dalton is now keeping it on the zone read, after giving it to the back for the first two and a half quarters. First and goal at the one for the Frogs. TD Lizards. Sooners lead 35-10.

Demarco Murray returns the ball to the 30. Sooners still can’t run the ball. But keep trying. Dave Lapham just referred to Oklahoma State as a “poor man’s Texas Tech”. Boone State leads Troy 42-10. another 3 and out for the Sooners. Jermaine Gresham only has one catch tonight. A couple of series ago, Gresham was hit hard by a teammate and struggled off the field. TCU touches the punt and a scramble ensues, but TCU gets back on it.

Lizards ball on their 42. Dalton completes two passes and suddenly the Frogs are at the Sooner 29. The Sooners stuff two runs, and it’s 4th and 4 from the 32. Dalton scrambles, throws and it’s incomplete. The receiver got a foot in, but the ball came out when he landed. It’s under review, and Joel Meyers and Dave Lapham keep talking about the completion, how he came down with a foot inbounds. They don’t notice the ball came out when he hit the ground. The Fox announcers finally realized what I told my wife two minutes ago, and agree with the officials, who affirm the call on the field.

Sooners ball on the 32, leading 35-10 with 8:23 to go. Another failed running attempt, and the Sooners throw to Irving native Pooh Tonnell for a first down at midfield. A pass to the 38, then another negative running play. The lack of success AT ALL worries me. There will be a time somewhere along the way we’ll have to run the ball. On the other hand, TCU may be the best defense we see all year. Bradford has not thrown for 400+ yards. 4th and 7 and the Sooners are going for it. Time out Sooners. For the third time in a row, flipping over to ESPN to check out the Bama-Georgia game yields more commercials. There should be a law against this. Bama now leads 34-17. Back to the OU game, Bradford throws it way out of bounds.

Frog ball on their own 35, with 4:44 left, trailing 35-10. Two completions into Sooner territory. A sack by Adrian Taylor, and Dalton is down. It’s never a good sign when the player takes the helmet off. Hopefully he’s ok. Dalton ends up walking off the field, thankfully. Now playing for the Lizards, Marcus Jackson. 4th and 12 for TCU, and they line up to punt.

Sooner ball at the 18, leading 35-10 with 2:30 left. Halzle now at QB. Moses Madu runs for 5 yards, one of the longer runs for the Sooners tonight. Halzle takes a shot, and it’s punting time for the Sooners again. The punt return is taken to the Sooner 28.

TCU ball, with 48 seconds left on the Sooner 28. Marcus Jackson throws towards the middle of the field, across his body, and it’s intercepted by Travis Lewis.

One play should do it. Sooners win, 35-10/

TCU turned the ball over 4 times, but hung in there, particularly after the first quarter onslaught. The Sooners beat by far their toughest foe to date tonight.

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