Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Iron Skillet Series

Serious, what the **** is a battle for an iron skillet? Who thought that idea up?
My five minutes of research on the web did not indicate the reason for an iron skillet. So, I came up with my own theories.

a) My wife will hit me up side of the head with an iron skillet if I watch this football game.
b) Justin Willis' throwing motion looks as if he's flipping pancakes from an Iron Skillet.
c) You'd have to be as dumb as an iron skillet to watch this game if you weren't friends/family of the players.

Purdue - Indiana plays for an Oak Bucket, Minnesota - Wisconsin is for Paul Bunyan's axe. Washington - Washington State is for the Apple cup (pretty rotten apples this year).

I guess an Iron Skillet isn't so bad.

1 comment:

Red Dawg said...

I'm voting for a. without the condition regarding watching the football game.