Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rednecks vs Hillbillies

Today we're continuing our rundown of the 1978 season. for backstory, click here.

Opponent: West Virginia Mountaineers, coached by the legendary Frank Cignetti. The reason he's legendary is that with the exception of Thomas Gawthrop "Doggie" Trenchard, coach of the 1896 team, Cignetti has the worst w/l percentage in 'Eer history. He succeeded Bobby Bowden and preceded Don Nehlen. According to http://www.pro-footbal-referenece.com/, there wasn't a WVU player drafted in 1979 or 1980, so there were no future NFLers playing as upperclassmen on the squad. Oliver Luck was their backup QB that day as a freshman, played a little, and was drafted in the 82 draft by the Houston Oilers.

The Game: the Sooners breezed to a 52-10 victory. The Sooners led 31-0 with 8:23 remaining in the second quarter, and had outgained WVU 231-18 at the time.

Sims broke the 100 yard barrier with 114 yards on 8 carries, and senior Jimmy Rogers scored the first three TDs of his career. Thomas Lott was a workman like 4-12 throwing the ball.

West Virginia finished the 78 season 2-9, defeated the Richmond Spiders and the Virginia Cavaliers. The Mountaineers wore these stylish helmets that year, which just screamed "kick me".

Random note of the day: This is the last time the Sooners have defeated WV, as Nehlen brought the Mountaineers to Norman in 1982 and a kid named Hostetler QB'd the team to an upset, and we know what happened in the Fiesta Bowl last year.

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