Thursday, September 4, 2008

So you're wondering how Cincinnati matches up to the

Sooners on the gridiron?


Cincy lost their top three leading rushers and their QB from last season, master appellate Ben Mauk. The Sooners returned a healthy DeMarco Murray and Sam Bradford.


Cincinatti returns 6 defensive starters, the Sooners return 5. The top 4 Sooner tacklers left. Nonetheless, I believe it's a more talented squad.

Special Teams

Both placekickers are a little shaky. I'm giving the Sooners the nod based upon a stronger return game.

Parachute Landings

We've never strung the mascot up on a parachute and got them stuck on a wire. On the other hand, can you imagine doing that to Boomer and Sooner. The PETA folks would be mad.


Brian Kelly is well regarded, but I'm sticking with Bob.

Bowl Record

I've read several places where Cincinnati has gone to bowl games in six of their last eight seasons. They've beaten Southern Miss, Western Michigan, Marshall. They lost to North Texas, Toledo and Marshall. I'd rather be ofer against LSU, SC, Boise State and West Virginia, who lost three games between them in the seasons we played 'em.

While the Sooners hold the edge in all categories, real or imagined, the gap is closer than one would otherwise think. The Bearcats will provide a much more formidable opponenent than the Mocs.

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