Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lizards vs Landthieves - Q1

The HeadThief stayed home this weekend from the game. I decided to forego the family counseling that would have arisen from me bailing out on the Coppell 8U softball contest and heading north. My daughter took ill yesterday, and I coulda went to the game anyway. That’s what I get for not being enthusiastic about staying to watch my daughter play.

Nonetheless, there are my thoughts while watching the Sooners – Horned Lizards game.

Sooners ball at their 26 - TCU’s defense is not a fluke. The d-line is really quick. Bradford just teamed up with Iglesias on a double move for a score. The TCU corners are playing very aggressive, and the eagerness to jump the route cost them a score.

Lizards ball on the OU 11- What can Brown do for you? Well he can run back kicks. Aaron Brown returns the Sooner kick back to the OU 11. Lendy Holmes, displayed his serious wheels by running Brown down from behind. The Sooner D held, and the Frogs kick a FG. Holmes efforts saves 4 points.

Sooners ball on their 20, leading 7-3 – I’m having Fiesta Bowl flashbacks watching the TCU linemen run around the Sooner o-line. The Frog D is really loading the box up to stop the run/pressure Bradford. The Fox coverage early has been awful. They’ve already missed one play courtesy of a replay, and the TCU misdirection completely fooled the Fox Sports cameraman, and they had no replay footage to show what happened on the play. Demarco Murray is special. He just has remarkable balance. Holy cow, how can you leave Murray that wide open. He goes about 30 yards to the 8 on a dump off. Looks like the Sooners got a break on the pass interference call. The TCU line is going to make it tough on the Sooner running game. Brown breaks through f or a TD for the Sooners.

Lizards ball on their 36, trailing 14-3– The kick coverage was able to hold TCU to the Lizard 36. Frogs get a couple of 1st downs then down the punt at the 4.

OU ball on their 4 - The Sooners were able to catch the Frogs a couple of times with 12 men on the field, which was the most effective play on the drive. A 3rd and 1 pass results in Bradford taking a shot, a tipped ball and the Sooners first punt.

Lizards ball on their 41 – The Sooners D asserted themselves on this series, forcing a 3 and out on three Dalton imcompletions. Twice the Sooners were able to get pressure on Dalton, forcing incomplete passes. Ouch! TCU gets called for kick catch interference. The Lizard defender got his money’s worth on Dominque Franks.

Sooners ball on their 29 – the Frogs continue to stuff the run. On 2nd and 10, the Sooners go long to Manuel Johnson, taking a 21-3 lead. With a minute left in the first quarter, Bradford is 8-13 for 199 yards and 2 TDs.

Lizards ball on their 29, trailing 21-3 – ouch. Nic Harris jars the ball loose from Jeremy Kerley, and Lendy Holmes recovers the ball at the TCU 44.

Sooners usually go deep here. They were trying to, but Phillips blitzes and sacks Bradford for a 12 yard loss. End of quarter.

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