Saturday, September 27, 2008

Lizards vs Landthieves - Q2

Start of 2nd quarter - A tipped ball - I mean thrown into Henderson’s helmet - is nearly intercepted on the deflection, and the Sooners are forced to punt. A great kick by Mike Knall goes out on the one.

TCU ball on their 1 – Dalton goes deep and its out of bounds. Shotgun snaps into the end zone seem risky. Another 3 and out for the Sooners. On their last three possessions, TCU has run eight plays for 13 yards and one turnover. Check that, the Lizards get a second chance, apparently a last second time out averted the third incompletion, and Dalton completes a pass to convert the 3rd and 10. TCU converts another 3rd down, converting a 3rd and 1 to maintain the ball. Getting their D a rest here is probably huge here. TCU continues to drive downfield. Turner’s 20 yard run is stopped by a forced fumble by the Sooners, and Lendy Holmes recovers his second fumble of the half.

OU ball on their own 35 – The Lizard lineman continue to run circles around the Sooner o-line on running plays…there’s just no room to run the ball. Pass blocking is working much better, but the Sooners are unable to recover from a holding penalty. Time to punt again. The Sooners have 15 carries for 28 yards at this point in the game. Even if you toss out the 12 yard sack on Bradford, 14 carries for 40 yards is not going to impress anyone either. A dribbled punt snap adds some excitement, but the punter gets it away.

Lizard ball on their own 37 – Dalton completes a nice pass to Jimmy Brown for 19 yards to convert the 3rd and 14. 1st and 10 from the Sooner 38. An incompletion and two yard run get to 3rd and 8 from the 36. Dalton throws under pressure, and Brian Jackson intercepts the floater; Sooner ball on their own 5.

Sooners ball at the OU 5. Two Murray rushes make it to the 13. Showing tremendous confidence in the running game, an incomplete pass on 3rd and 2 leads to another Sooner punt. The TCU defense is tightening up. 3 possessions in the second quarter for the Sooners and they have three and outs on each one. Bradford is 2-5 for 27 yards in the second quarter, and 3 rushes have yielded 13 yards.

Lizard ball at their 48 – Dalton runs for his life and averts the sack. 4th and 2 from the Sooners 44. Halfback pass is ont going well, the Sooners stop it for a 12 yard loss.

Sooner ball at TCU’s 42. Another holding call for the Sooners. After a run for Brown, a sack on Bradford, adding injury to insult, Bradford is tackled into Trent Williams and rolls over Williams ankle. This could be serious. Diverting to the Tide-Bulldog game for a moment, Bama is up 17-0 on Georgia. Williams is walking off under his own power, sort of. 4th time in a row, the Sooners go 3 and out.

TCU ball on their 6. 3rd and 10 for the Lizards. A blitz forces Dalton to bring the ball down and is sacked for a 2 yard loss. On the punt return, a STUPID block in the back takes the ball back from midfield into Sooner territory.

Sooner ball on their 41, with 1:20 left. After a 4 yard run and an incompletion, we’ve got 3rd and 6. The Frog defender (Sanders, I think) fell down, and Bradford completes another pass to Johnson at the TCU 38, who scampers the rest of the way in for the score.

TCU ball on the 20 – two runs up the middle and time expires.

Time to sneak in some Georgia - Alabama - except its not a contest. JP Wilson completes a bomb to Julio Jones as I flip over, and Alabama takes a 31-0 lead. The blackout was apparently in fact for the funeral for Georgia's title hopes.

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