Friday, September 12, 2008

Fri Game Previews

I’m not sure I’m going to get this post up before the Friday games, but I promise I typed this on my lunch hour.

Kansas at South Florida – The Jayhawk-Bull rivalry dates back to 2006, and Kansas owns a 1-0 lead in this historic series. Mangino and Leavitt coached together at Kansas State under Bill Snyder in the early 90s. Leavitt was continually bullied and had his lunch money stolen from him repeatedly by Mangino, so he left Manhattan in search of food, and found himself shortly thereafter leading the South Florida Bulls program. Other historians believe he bailed out of Manhattan when Bob Stoops left. Pick: South Florida

Wazzuu at Baylor – this game has been rescheduled to Friday due to some threats of weather from Hurricane Ike. This is annoying. In 1983, I played in a golf tourney in Bristow, Oklahoma in harsher elements than Waco will experience. Enough about me. Baylor last won a non-conference game against a BCS eligible foe in 1998, when the Bears beat North Carolina State. Unfortunately for Coach Roberts, that victory was one of two for the season, and the Bears upgraded their coaching situation by firing Roberts and hiring Kevin Steele. Today is the day they recover from that, and beat the Cougars. Pick: Baylor

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